customer-specific products

From concept to development and mass production:

HDT works with you to make your product a reality.


No scope for innovations: the products are mature but the market prices are at rock bottom. Ideas for product improvement appear to be inadequate. Development budgets are low. The timeline for achieving growth targets slips further into the future. Almost every person responsible for a product knows this feeling of helplessness.

HDT has specialised in innovations for mature markets. We develop products that create hype and open market opportunities. This is apparent in the market success of our developments as well as the accolades they receive, such as the Red Dot Award in 2014.

Our product management can look back on the many success stories in the creation of competitive products: achieving sales growth in saturated markets, reducing costs while simultaneously implementing innovations, and creating new product categories.

The HDT development teams in Germany and Serbia possess a comprehensive technological tookit to implement ideas quickly and cost effectively. Our factory and supplier network in China specialise in offering the best price-performance ratio.

We would be glad to offer you development services for production in your own factories, as well.

From concept to mass production, we carry out product development in close cooperation with our customers. HDT has developed a twelve step process for this. The intensity and the form of the cooperation is adapted to your requirements for each project.

Please contact us for a personal discussion about how we can support you in the growth of your company through new products.

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HDT EErgo 370x221

Welding Tool

Welding Tool for Polyurethane and Polyester
LT10 RD RedDot

Lamp Tester

 RedDot Award winning!


Controller for hot presses