success stories

Success stories with development projects:



 A customer and HDT introduced an innovative testing device into the market together. Through close cooperation with each other, they matched market requirements and technological capabilities to achieve an optimal specification. HDT developed a modern housing and packaging design. Production was carried out at HDT Dongguan. The unit quantities sold have exceeded expectations. The product has won various prizes for innovation.


Ergonomic welding paddle

A customer working in the field of conveyor applications was looking how to innovate a welding tool that you can find on the market since decades basically unchanged. He also was concious about to keep the product at a similar cost level than the tools available on the market.

HDT and the customer made extensive application studies and identified various features making the tool much better to use in a ergonomic design. Once available on the market the product created much exitement, the tenor was: "The ideas are just so good and simple at the same time, how come that this did not cross our minds?".

HDT LT10 LampTester-Image

Lamp Tester

RedDot Award winning!



BEHAbelt EErgo single WeldingTool-Image

Welding Tool

 ergonomic welding paddle.