scope of services

System development

HDT’s development services – a strong engineering team acting as your own development department


HDT is offering development services for the complete scope of a product with in-depth knowledge on electronics. This starts with the understanding of physics behind analog electronics, EMC stable designs of PCB boards and smart layouts that minimize product size and cost. And it does not end with our execellent capabilities for prototyping and testing.

Our analog development work often involves processing sensoric values like humidity, light, voltage or pressure. One of the challenges here we usually have is high accuracy at low product cost

Embedded systems is one of the main objectives of our engineers, for a big variety of microcontrollers: starting with cost-effective "local chinese models" or the Atmel Tiny then more complex platforms for example from Freescale, Texas Instruments and various ARM cores going up to FPGA work.

We work with different software development platforms like Eagle, Altium designer or Target and for simulation or calibration jigs we use Mathlab, Labview and others. We will accomodate your standard processes and file formats.

We enable your products for Industry 4.0 – integrating communication like bluetooth and programming software applications running on a PC or Apps running on iOS or Android.

As a manufacturing company our team fully understands what the results of their job should be – not only electronics working in the development stage but qualified and industrialized products running in mass production.

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